Q-Chastic – Q-Chastic

  • Date: 1992
  • Label: Rephlex (CAT 002)
  • Format: 2 x 12″ Vinyl (intended as 2 x 10″ Vinyl)


Disc One

  1. Untitled (8,08)
  2. Untitled (9,07)

Disc Two

  1. CAT 002 (4,04)
  2. Untitled (10,12)
  • Note:  The UK test-pressing only double-12″ EP for “Q-Chastic” comes in a generic die-cut sleeve, and is limited to 100 copies. The records themselves, although pressed as a double-12″, are actually meant to be cut [because of their groove placement] as two 10″ records. Originally scheduled to have been issued as a double-7″, this aborted EP will never be made available for commercial release. (Discogs)
  • Note:  The version of the untitled song, “———- [q-chastic – #__]” is different than that of “CAT 002” by Q-CHASTIC, which appears on the UK cd for “The Philosophy of Sound and Machine” (A.R.T. 2CD).