Soundcloud Uploads


“really makes me sooo happy that people can hear these old tracks, becuase [sic] ive been listening to them for so long , like old friends and only recently just thought after kickstarter etc, this is madness keeping them to myself.” —RDJ, Soundcloud 2015.

Since November 2014, hundreds of rare, unreleased or unfinished tracks by Richard D James have been uploaded to a number of Soundcloud accounts. The current total of unique tracks to these Soundcloud accounts is now well over 280.

RareAFX has needed to create separate pages to track the latest uploads and removals as best as possible —

Full notes —

A huge number of these are extremely familiar to AFX fans; many are early versions of released tracks, high quality versions of unreleased tracks, as well as previously-unheard tracks and experiments.

Most notable are —

  • Tracks only seen listed on old cassettes given to RDJ’s friends in the early 90’s (eg — Human Rotation, X-Ray, S.O.T.T.G.T.B.A.G.)
  • A large number of Selected Ambient Works Vol.1 (SAW1) era tracks
  • High quality recordings of unreleased (John) Peel (Radio) Session material
  • High quality recordings of tracks from his legendary Orbit (Leeds) live appearance in 1991
  • A remix of Donkey Rhubarb
  • Two tracks from the official Aphex Twin SoundCloud account*
  • A ‘dark’ version of Girl/Boy (which has since been removed from the Soundcloud page, possibly due to legal issues with the original WARP release. *This means the current track total on Soundcloud may differ)
  • Filenames and Tags within files suggesting the existence of ‘Analogue Bubblebath 6’

In November 2014, the legendary Dave Noyze interview linked to a Soundcloud page (user48736353001) containing 55 unreleased tracks and experiments by Aphex. Around one month after publication, the entire interview and Soundcloud material was removed for reasons unknown.

In January 2015, over 113 tracks were uploaded to the same user48736353001 Soundcloud page.

On February 3rd 2015, around 45 tracks were added to the same account. On February 24th a further 19 tracks were added. On April 27th, 2 further tracks were added, and another 3 the next day.  On May 1st another 7 tracks were added.  5 more on May 2nd.  Another 15 followed on May 5th. On the same day, for reasons unknown, the username was changed to user48736353001

On May 6th, an account with the username user18081971 (the birth date of RDJ) was created. in the afternoon of the same day, the account disappeared altogether. On May 8th, a Pro SoundCloud account – with the same username – returned with all tracks.  

On May 21st, he changed the account name (again) to user18081971 [dj latte] and then back again an hour later.